About Me

I’m Igor Šarčević. I live in Novi Sad, Serbia, with my girlfriend, a cat, and a bunch of computers. I work at Semaphore, a cloud-based continuous integration and deployment tool.

My expertise is in software development, primarily in developing web apps. For almost a decade (since 2012), I’ve been developing software professionally. In the last two years, I’m focusing on software architecture. At Semaphore, I’m running architecture and algorithm design.

I have several strong opinions about development:

My main programming languages are Golang and Elixir. I’m reasonably well-versed in JavaScript and Ruby as well.

List of fun facts

How can you contact me?

I enjoy dark, locally brewed beer. If you are in Novi Sad, feel free to invite me to one of our local places for a pint or two.

You can also find me on: