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About Igor Šarčević

My name is Igor Šarčević. I’m a software engineer, amateur adventurer, math enthusiasts. This is my personal blog where I write about technology, philosophy, and share my insights about the human condition.

I’m a part of the RenderedText crew — the team that brings you SemaphoreCI.

My passion lies in creating well crafted software systems.

My story so far

Raised in a small town in Serbia, I found my passion for computers early in my childhood. I was one of those kids that you had to force away from the computer.

Growing up, my love for codding only grew bigger. I spent most of my teen years on my trusted Pentium 3, hacking in Visual Basic, Flash, and latter on when I switched to Linux as my primary desktop, Python.

In search of like-minded people, I enrolled as a student at the University of Novi Sad, picking computer science as my major. Later on this led me to a small group of Ruby enthusiasts, who showed me what it means to be part of team that truly enjoys our craft and isn’t afraid to challenge the world.

This group of Ruby enthusiasts, is the same group of people behind SemaphoreCI. I joined them 5 years ago, when the whole company was only a handful of people. Since then, we have boldly tackled every challenge in front of us, bringing the fastest CI/CD solution to the market.

Currently, I consider myself a well rounded software engineer, boasting with plenty of additional DevOps experience that I learned while architecting our AWS/Gcloud/K8s/On-Premise clusters.

Lately I fancy Go as my primary language, but I keep Ruby/Elixir close to my heart.

List of fun facts

How can you contact me?

I enjoy dark, locally brewed beer. If you are from Novi Sad feel free to invite me to one of our local places for a pint or two.

You can also find me on: